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A powerful anti-dark spot treatment


Grapevine sap extract

Radiance, anti-dark spot

Benefits on your skin

1 - Prevents

the appearance of dark spots by controlling tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the overproduction of melanin.

2 - Corrects

existing dark spots by regulating melanin production.

3 - Illuminates

and evens the complexion for a more radiant complexion.

Did you know?

In the old days in the French vineyards, young girls used grapevine sap on their face and hands, to reduce dark spots and brighten their complexion.

It is this ancient tradition that inspired us to study the sap and extract this exclusive ingredient: viniferine.

Proven effective

After years of research, Professor Vercauteren succeeded in isolating and stabilizing viniferine, breaking records for an effective treatment against dark spots.

Viniferine patent

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* Benefits noticed on products from the Vinergetic line which contain polyphenols.
** In vitro test of OPC + spruce on fibroblasts.
*** Patent n°PCT/FR 2016/052294.