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A treasure of youth

Gravepine stalks

Extract from grapevine stalks

Firming, anti-wrinkle

Benefits on your skin

1 - Firms

by stimulating the activity of proteins, revealing a youthful complexion***

2 - Re-sculpts

by enhancing elastin production and collagen synthesis, redefining the contours of the face***

3 - Smoothes wrinkles

by increasing the natural production of hyaluronic acid***

Did you know?

The vine was one of the first plant species on earth. It has an incredible power that enables it to withstand the harsh effects of the cold, wind and rain, living up to 120 years.

What is its secret?
Resveratrol, a substance that vines produce to protect themselves.
Imagine that miracle on your skin!

Resveratrol production

Proven effective

Caudalie is a pioneer of using resveratrol, becoming a true reference source when it filed the patent for its stabilization in 1997. By partnering with Dr. Sinclair's research laboratory, Caudalie went a step further and associated micro hyaluronic acid with resveratrol, which lead to filing a new patent.

Resveratrol patent

The other vine-based ingredients

Benefits noticed on products from the Resveratrol[Lift] line which contain resveratrol.
** Patent n° PCT/IB2015/054257.
*** In vitro test
**** Consumer test for Resveratrol[Lift], % of satisfaction, 100 women, 30 days.