Grape Water

200 ml


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Skin type : All skin types
Need : Moisturize
Key ingredients : Organic grape water
Texture : Mist
Use : day-night
What is it ?
Formulated even for the most sensitive skin types, Grape Water intensely hydrates and soothes. It is antioxidant and prebiotic, combatting the free radicals responsible for skin ageing and reinforcing and rebalancing the skin microbiota for healthier-looking skin.
Formula :
  • 100% natural origin ingredients
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Vegan
  • 100% plastic collect
Visible results
  • Skin sensitivity decreased by 61%*
  • Hydration increased by 127%**
  • -56% free radicals**

*Clinical test, tingling test, reduction in skin sensitivity, 20 volunteers.<br/> **Instrumental assessment. Corneometry. 12 volunteers.<br/> ***In Vitro Test, DPPH (stabilised free radicals), reduction of free radicals.

Did you know ?
Grape water is derived from rain water filtered by vine roots and is naturally rich in minerals and trace elements. It is extracted from organic grapes and contains antioxidant Polyphenols and polysaccharides with hydrating properties.
  • Organic grape water : Moisturising and soothing. Offers a prebiotic action that contributes to a healthier underarm.

Full list of ingredients :


Spritz Grape Water all over your face at any time of the day. There’s no need to pat skin dry after spritzing, the mist is instantly absorbed by the skin without drying it out.

Advice from our Vinotherapists:

Grape Water can be used in several ways:
- Upon awakening and after removing make-up as a tonic
- When it’s hot or after a work-out to refresh the skin
- Keep it in the fridge for extra freshness

  • 1. What are the benefits of Grape Water?

    Grape Water is a plant mist with multiple benefits: it is soothing, hydrating, antioxidant and prebiotic. It helps reinforce and balance the skin microbiota for skin that looks healthier.

  • 2. Is Grape Water suitable for sensitive skin?

    Yes. It’s clinically proven, Grape Water reduces skin sensitivity by 61%*.
    *Clinical study, stinging test, reduction in skin sensitivity, 20 volunteers.

  • 3. What does prebiotic mean?

    The microbiota on the skin surface accommodates millions of good and bad bacteria. A prebiotic product nourishes the skin’s good bacteria and ensures its balance, for healthier-looking skin.

  • 4. Is Grape Water prebiotic?

    Yes, Grape Water is naturally rich in sugars which nourish the skin’s good bacteria for it to develop. The result? Skin that looks healthier.

  • 5. Is Grape Water organic?

    Grape Water is formulated from 100% organic grapes, but it does not have organic certification.