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Grape water

The ingenious plant water

Grape water

Extracted from organic grapes

Moisturizing, soothing

Benefits on your skin





and quenches the skin, replenishing and retaining your cells natural water reserves.




sensitive skin and reduces redness.


Discover the journey of Grape Water before it is distilled

1. Rainwater filtered by the earth

2. Enriched in minerals and trace elements

3. Water is filtered by vine roots

4. Production of polyphenols and polysaccharides during photosynthesis

5. The grapes are filled with this beneficial water, enriched with calcium, potassium and moisturising saccharides

Discover the journey of Grape Water before it is distilled

Proven effective

This plant water is filled with active ingredients, including soothing minerals (like in thermal water) and moisturizing sugars. It boosts the skin's natural irrigation system, allowing water to be continuously distributed, which in turn, boosts your skin's hydration levels.

Grape water - Proven effective Grape water - Proven effective

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