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Vinoperfect Radiance Serum

Corrects dark spots, brightens the complexion
30 ml
€44.80 44.80
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A woman

younger than 25

Le 9/18/14

cream is good, serum better

I don't need antiageing, but i wanted to take off darkspots due to smoking and lucky spots. My pores are reduced, redness gone, and sports erased.


A woman


Le 8/8/13

I keep using it

I have been using this product for already 2 years and couple of months now. My old spots are still there, but they have significantly lightened and some new ones have appeared. But I really believe that hadn't I use it, my skin would have looked much worse. It is not a wonder product - but no natural and healthy product is - but it feels light and conformable on the skin, it smells nice and keeps the skin young. I will continue using it.


A woman


Le 7/23/13

gave my skin a lot of light

I have been using this serum for the past year, on a daily basis (I used at least 4 full bottles). I wanted to try this, because I had so many dark spots on my skin, which I could not remove. After 4 weeks of use I have noticed a significant result! Which means that the spots were less strong or disappeared. After 6 weeks of use my skin looked so much better!! This serum really helped me to develop my skin into a radiant and luminous skin! I would recommend this serum to everyone.


A woman


Le 3/14/13

This serum radiates!!!

I love how this serum smells and feels on my skin, but most importantly it WORKS!!!
My melasma is gone and it has prevented any more dark spots from coming!!


A woman


Le 12/20/12

first sceptical & now convinced

End October, a friend who works in the beauty industry recommended this serum for my age spots. Now it's the end December they are half the shade of what they were. Wow!!! Really fast results. Can't wait to try the other products I purchased.