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Eaux Fraîches

Thé des Vignes Fresh Fragrance

An energizing, secret and sensual fragrance
€24.00 24.00
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A woman


Le 3/14/13

sexy and fresh!!

This scent is so sexy and fresh without walking in the door before me!!!
Everywhere I go people compliment me on how great I smell!!
Thanks Caudalie!!!


A woman


Le 10/28/12

Thank you for this fragrance !

I just want to say ...this product is my favorite ever...i love it ,the scent is hypnotic...and hope in the future this beautiful product will last more on skin and maybe it will apear in double size ...100ml if it is possible...anyway i will buy it every time!
Divine Oil is my best friend for my skin ...thank you for your existence "Caudalie"...I am a faithful client from Romania because you use natural ingredients ,you respect animals and the environment.Maybe in our honeymoon will have the money and affort to come to Caudalie SPA Paradise next year...until then i will allways buy your products...also your serum and cream for different problems ...i love them!

Thank you Mathilde Thomas you are a beautiful woman and soul!